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Created from the Multi-faceted mind of producer/songwriter Rafael Katigbak, the musical project Fields of Violet began its journey in early 2017 and so far, has manifested into an authentic, innovative, and dynamic musical chemistry with a very versatile signature sound.

While Katigbak, from Melbourne in Australia, is the sole member and anchor songwriter, Fields of Violet is comprised of a vast array of feature-artists and musicians from all over the world. “Fields of Violet’s purpose is strictly to create music and explore different soundscapes. It is not intended to be a live act” states Katigbak. This vision is clearly manifested in their debut EP entitled “Into the Unknown” with its creative composition, strong musicianship qualities and production value.

Although Katigbak mentions Steven Wilson and Devin Townsend among his inspirations, Fields of Violet does not have any direct artist comparisons that could be immediately noted. The sound is comprised of many different multi-genre components that come together with a very solidified chemistry among several professional musicians from many different backgrounds with limitless signature touches. There are many defining factors, but no borders or boundaries. While the music emulates a Rock component, it is open to any and all genre influences.

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